released on March 7th, 2023


General Intention

The song is about being in a dream. A dream about your afro diasporic identity. You want to understand it, you want to reclaim this culture that is yours even if you haven’t fully been raised in.  

After finding a tape, a recording of a family conversation in the 80s, Melanin is questioning her identity, she’s looking for answers and begins this journey.
She creates images and sounds expressing questions related to the diaspora and family relationships.


Idea pushed by Julia Hilbert for a documentary film project about Melanin’s process as an upcoming self-taught music producer.


Written and composed by Melanin (ngoni, synthetizer, drums, vocals)
Written and composed by Le Kaiju (vocals,  arrangements)
Mixed and mastered by Le Kaiju


Directed by Julia Hilbert & Myriam Konté

Shot in Paris, France and Dakar, Senegal.


Coming out in April 2023 !!